The Eurachem Analytical Competition


The Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC) 2010
at IT Sligo Friday 26 March 8.40am – 5.00pm

IT Sligo hosts the annual Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC) on 26 March.   The event creates industry type surroundings where students perform chemical measurement and analysis procedures to international standards.  These are then assessed by industry experts.

Dr Jeremy Bird, Head of Science at IT Sligo commented: ‘Taking part in this competition allows students to practically apply their skills and gain direct feedback from those already working in the international Analytical Measurement field.  EAMC gives them the opportunity to further their knowledge, skills and competencies prior to graduating from IT Sligo and other third level institutes.  With the largest School of Science in the IoT sector, we are delighted to make our state of the art science facilities available to students nationwide for this event.’

The event is designed to raise awareness among student analysts of uncertainty in measurement and the requirement for excellence in analytical skills. The competition was initiated in 1999 and is promoted by Eurachem Ireland, the Heads of School of Science and Council of Directors of the Institutes of Technology.   The judges, Dr. Tom Hannigan, (Forensic Scientist, State Forensics Laboratory) Dr. Ray Leonard (Assoc. Director / Materials Testing & Analytical Support, Henkel Loctite Technology Centre)  and Dr. Darragh Cunningham, (Scientific Officer, Laboratory Services, Environmental Protection Agency) provide a detailed report for the use of participating Institutions. The winners, their College and the runners up are awarded a replica of the ‘Newgrange’ art piece.

The EAMC Competition is open to teams of two full-time third-level registered students studying laboratory sciences in Universities or Institutes of Technology anywhere in Ireland and who have not yet entered the third year of their course. Competitors are chosen by their own Institution, for their practical laboratory skills.

Eurachem is a network of organisations in Europe with the objective of establishing a system for the international traceability of chemical measurements and the promotion of good quality practices. It provides a forum for the discussion of common problems and for developing an informed and considered approach to both technical and policy issues. Eurachem provides a focus for analytical chemistry and quality related issues in Europe (


Students participating at the 2009 Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC) at IT Tallaght.

For further information contact:

Dr. Ted McGowan, School of Science, ITSligo, Ash Lane, Sligo. Telephone 071-9155254, @:

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