Breaking the Mould

he Access Office in IT Sligo is delighted to announce that the college is generously sponsoring bursaries for participants in the Breaking the Mould Access Programme who have completed a one week Summer School in advance of transferring to first year studies here.

The Breaking the Mould Access Programme, at IT Sligo is designed for students who have the ability to benefit from and succeed in higher education, but whom are under-represented at third level for various social and economic reasons such as long-term unemployment, low family income or little or no family tradition of progression onto higher education.  All participants have been nominated by their school and the Programme is available to all schools in the border, midland, western region.

The Summer School which ran for one week from the beginning of September was designed to enable students to benefit fully from third level education and included academic tuition and various workshops. Participants reported that they felt that this gave them several advantages that they would not otherwise have gained, including getting to know the campus, meeting other students and staff and giving thought to issues that they wouldn’t otherwise have addressed until they may have become a problem.  Parents of the students who came along for lunch on the final day of the Summer School praised the initiative as they seen their children better prepared and more confident in making the momentous transition in their own lives and that of their families. These students will also receive one to one mentoring throughout the year.

Catherine Mc Nelis welcomed the funding of the bursary by the IT Sligo saying that “it demonstrates the tremendous commitment of the college to ensure that these students are supported both financially and otherwise in making the transition to their third level studies at a very expensive period while awaiting the first payment of their maintenance grant which is usually at the end of September”.

For further information please contact Linda McGloin, or at 071 9137355.mould2

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