Annual Report Highlights Staff and Student Achievements

The IT Sligo Annual Report for 2008-2010 was launched this week by Institute President, Professor Terri Scott.  The Report highlights educational and research achievements, along with capital developments over a two year period. The launch comes as the Institute marks its fortieth year. The Launch was attended by the new Chair of the Governing Body, Mr Ray MacSharry.

Welcoming Mr MacSharry to the Governing Body, IT Sligo President, Professor Terri Scott highlighted the importance of partnership with the local community.

Speaking to over an audience of over 100 people representing local business, industry and commerce as well as leading figures from the community, she said:

“He is the latest in a long line of partners from all constituencies in the wider world who have played a part in the growth and development of the Institute. Whether as Governors, partners in our course development programme or in contributing to our research and development and knowledge transfer programmes, or in the many other roles in which friends in the wider community help us to fulfil our mission.”

Identifying ongoing development as critical to the Institute’s success, the President particularly highlighted the recommendations from the National Strategy for Higher Education and outlined the response and actions being taken by the Institute.

“At IT Sligo, we fully subscribe to the Report’s vision of a society based upon ‘intergenerational lifelong learning’.  This means flexibility of provision and a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional entry tariffs to open our doors to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

“We offer 39 part-time, online and distance courses in a wide range of disciplines geared towards the continuation of learning and we are seeing more mature students enrol now than ever before.

Professor Scott added: “We also offer almost 70 full time programmes.  We are also national leaders in the provision of online education and we have students studying our courses all over the country, and indeed from abroad.”

Incoming Chairman, Mr Ray MacSharry praised the achievement of staff and students throughout the Institute. In charting the development of the Institute from its humble beginnings forty years ago he said:

“In 1970 the Sligo Regional Technical College opened its doors to 60 students studying things like tool making, apprenticeships and secretarial skills. Today there are over 6,000 students studying subjects across the disciplines of science, engineering, business and humanities.

He continued: “Some 30,000 awards have been conferred on students in the past 40 years. It has just undergone a €12 million capital development plan which has transformed the physical landscape on the campus.”

IT Sligo Annual Report 2008-2010 English
IT Sligo Annual Report 2008-2010 Irish


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