IT Sligo Leading Interior Architecture Courses

IT Sligo offers Ireland’s only suite of professionally accredited Interior Architecture programmes.

Our interior architecture programme is the only one in Ireland to have achieved recognition by the European Council of Interior Architects.

The  BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture has also been awarded Part 1 Accreditation by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The RIBA is the leading international body in the field of architecture and this accreditation, along with the ECIA accreditation, is highly significant for the Interior Architecture course and its students. University College Dublin is the only other Higher Education Institute in Ireland with RIBA recognition.

The Interior Architecture programme has been offered at IT Sligo for 12 years and is the leading Interior Architecture course in the country.

Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, Kevin Savage, said that accreditation from the ECIA and RIBA represents a significant endorsement of the Interior Architecture programme; “The accreditation are an important acknowledgment of the work that has been, and continues to be done, in our Interior Architecture programme.”

“For too long, the tendency in Ireland has been to knock down existing buildings to make way for new ones, without any consideration for the conservation of our heritage and the carbon footprint that building a new structure leaves,” he said.

“Interior Architecture differs from mainstream architecture in that it focuses on the potential for repurposing, restoring, and reimagining existing structures. With seventy five per cent of all future construction work estimated to involve existing buildings, the industry is really set to come into its own now that the rapid building boom has ceased and people are starting to take a more considered and sustainable approach towards building developments.”

Interior Architecture teachings combine a variety of fields including architecture, furniture and product design, graphics, performing arts, and art. The Interior Architecture programme at IT Sligo draws on expertise in architecture, design, construction, technology and teaching methodology.

A new MA in Interior Architecture commences this September. For more information see

For more information on the BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture (RIBA Part 1) see

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