IT Sligo lecturer reveals history of Kesh Caves

Heriage-Week-IT-SligoThe history of the Kesh Caves in Co. Sligo is an ancient one dating back over several millennia. Steeped in mythology, they are dramatically located within a rich prehistoric landscape. On August 27th Dr. Marion Dowd archaeologist and IT Sligo lecturer will deliver a lecture, “The Kesh Caves through time: archaeology and mythology”, to coincide with National Heritage Week 2011.

She will take her audience on a journey back in time, detailing how archaeological material and early literary references indicate that the Kesh Caves have been used for various purposes for thousands of years.

Dr. Dowd, a lecturer in prehistoric archaeology at the School of Science in IT Sligo, will detail the implications of the human and animal teeth found in the caves and the possibility that these signify that the caves were once sacred places where special offerings were made.

She will also relate the mythology of this dramatic place and tell the story of Cormac Mac Airt, legendary High King of Ireland believed to have been reared by a wolf in the caves. Excavations were carried out at the caves in 1901 and 1929 but thanks to radio carbon dating, Dr Dowd can tell much more about the artefacts than was known previously.

“The Kesh Caves through time: archaeology and mythology” which will be held in Keash Parish Hall (White Hall) Co Sligo at 9pm on Saturday August 27th. Admission is free and all are welcome.

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