‘Eco Eye’ star for Sligo Sustainable Futures Conference

Duncan Stewart“Eco Eye” presenter Duncan Stewart, Trinity College lecturer Constantin Gurdgiev and Irish Times Environment Editor Frank McDonald will be among the speakers at the Sligo Sustainable Futures Conference which takes place at IT Sligo on March 6th.

Organised by IT Sligo lecturer, Dr Liam Leonard, the conference will focus on the role of sustainability in our society and the potential of the North West as a centre of excellence in developing sustainable industries.

Other experts who will attend the one day conference at the Institute’s Hume Hall will include Dr John Barry, Associate Director of the Institute for a Sustainable World, Dr Kieran Allen from the School of Sociology UCD, Michael McGarrigle a board member for the Council for the West and Greenbox, and Miriam Kennet , CEO of the Green Economics Institute.

Irish Times Environment Editor Frank McDonald“We are lucky in the North West that we have a pristine natural environment with mountains, lakes and beaches which are already being exploited by eco tourism organisations,” explained Dr Leonard. “This region is the idea place to locate a centre of excellence for sustainable living, not least because of the focus at IT Sligo on sustainable activities including building and innovation and the approach of staff and students in every department including Business, Engineering, Humanities, and Science.”

The event is expected to probe the role of sustainable activity in the current downturn.

Dr Leonard’s latest book Sustainable Politics & the Crisis of the peripheries: Ireland and Greece will also be launched at the conference .

For further information and to register visit:  http://www.eventbrite.ie/event/2866885933/eivtefrnd. For more information on the Sligo Sustainable Futures Conference, see http://www.sligosustainability.webs.com/

Image Captions: First Image:”Eco Eye” Duncan Stewart

Second Image: Irish Times Environment Editor Frank McDonald

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