Count on it — Maths is No Problem

IT Sligo’s wide-ranging events during national Maths Week added up to an all-round enjoyable and educational time for the many pupils, teachers and parents.


The eighth annual Maths Week was aimed at changing perceptions and underlining the importance of mathematics as a vital stepping stone to many career opportunities, as well as generally popularising the discipline and improving mathematical literacy.


Intricacies were unravelled, new ideas introduced and novel problem solving approaches were elaborated upon in a variety of workshops and other events at several Sligo venues. People of all ages took the opportunity to learn, and have fun at the same time.


Úna Parsons, Head of the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering at IT Sligo, said: “A good foundation in maths is invaluable for so many career opportunities these day, in particular for those in the engineering and technology sector.


“It was marvellous to see, especially, so many young people get so much out of Maths Week.  At each event the atmosphere was ‘user friendly’ and relaxed, yet really instructive. Maths Week is a great way of encourage people’s interest in maths, while also correcting old misconceptions about the subject.”


Key events included ‘Maths Puzzling’ workshops for 9-14 year olds, hosted by mathematician Douglas Buchanan; a lecture for teachers on the Financial Maths syllabus for the Leaving Certificate, given by IT Sligo lecturer Cillian O’Murchu; a workshop on how to use the WIRIS Maths Add-In for Moodle quizzes, by IT Sligo lecturer Kevin Collins: and  the popular annual Maths table quiz, organised by mathematics research students Fergal Gallagher and Faye Monaghan, the proceeds of which go to the RNLI.





Caption: Mathematics is a subject for all ages, and you never stop learning. Pictured during Maths Week are Calry NS pupils Leigh Conway, Sophie Cawley Conboy, Lauren Gordon and Conor Walsh, with IT Sligo lecturer Grace Corcoran, research student Faye Monaghan, lecturer Ian McLoughlin, Una Parsons,  Head of the Institute’s Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and workshop host, Douglas Buchanan.





Caption: Pupils in the age range 9-14 see the funny side of learning at one of the events organised by the Institute of Technology Sligo during national Maths Week event.



New 13MathsWeek017JC

Mathematician Douglas Buchanan demonstrates how easy it is to be tied to a subject for life when you really enjoy it. He was hosting an IT Sligo-organised workshop for school children during national Maths Week.


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