Careers Showcased in ‘Engineers Week’

Career-minded students with a fascination for making things work have an opportunity for a close up look at the many faces of modern engineering during “Engineers Week” at IT Sligo.

The Institute of Technology and the professional body, Engineers Ireland, have linked up to highlight a wealth of specialised graduate career opportunities in the sector and its constantly expanding role in making Ireland a better place for all its people.

Events with interactive exhibits, question and answer sessions with practising engineers, school visits in Sligo and Leitrim, debates and lectures. They are all on the Feb 9th-15th Engineers Week menu. Most are open to the public, particularly students and family groups. See

In Sligo next Monday (Feb 10), Engineers Week will be heralded by the annual sight of engineering students collecting for charity. Last year they raised €1400 for the North West Hospice, which is the chosen charity this year again.

The impact of engineering surrounds us — from the roads and bridges we use to cars and aircraft, from design of medical monitoring devices to ensuring our water is clean and environment is protected.

Engineers today operate in a high-tech world in which new scientific, manufacturing and industrial processes spurred on by the digital revolution add new strengths to their work.

The sector’s age-old pivotal principles of precision and exactitude are enhanced each day by  technological advances.

IT Sligo, academics in the School of Engineering and Design will be on hand to update visitors about degrees in areas such as Civil, Structural and Environment Engineering.

“Each year Engineers Week is the perfect learning session for young people who are thinking about a career in the various disciplines of Engineering,” according to Dr. Tomás O’Flaherty, of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, who is the main IT Sligo organiser.

“Crucially, too, it is a great for students who are still scouting around for options to come along and have a look. Engineering’s diversity is always an eye-opener for many of them.”

Brian Flynn, chair of the North West region of Engineers Ireland, added: “Engineers Week provides those of us working in the profession with an opportunity to assist students of all ages to learn a little more about engineering and to provide them with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of engineers in our community.”

Highlights of the activities at IT Sligo include:

Monday Feb 10 (8pm) – Students debate: “The engineer of the future needs to be a specialist rather than a generalist”.

Tuesday Feb 11 (8pm) – “Engineering as a Career”. Meet engineers and tour IT Sligo’s Engineering facilities.

Wednesday Feb 12 (8pm) – A fast moving lecture on Games Technology.

Friday Feb 14 (1pm)–Multi-disciplinary work presentations from third-level colleges.

Saturday Feb 15 (4.30pm- 5pm) – Coder Dojo special programming event.

Other events include:

Tuesday — visits by second level students to public and private sector engineering sections;

Thursday – engineers will visit schools.

Thursday -Sligo Park Hotel (8pm), Michael Joyce lectures on “Trihalomethane Formation in Public Water Supplies – The Development of New Technical Guidelines for the EPA.”  Michael lecturers annually on hydraulics and pump design at the Department of Civil Engineering at the National University Ireland, Galway.

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