New Springboard Opportunities For Jobseekers At IT Sligo

IT Sligo is offering a large number of free places to jobseekers in Science, Technology and Engineering.

These courses are being offered as part of Springboard+ 2015, which was launched nationally on the 7th of May. The courses are tailored to meet key growth areas such as the Biopharmaceutical Science, Information Technology, Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Polymer Technologies.

‘’These courses are free, part-time, online and completed within one year while students continue to receive their social welfare payments. The courses are accredited programmes for those who are currently unemployed and confer Certificates on graduation from levels 6 through to Post Graduate level 9’’ explained Jean Gilligan, IT Sligo’s Springboard co-ordinator.

This year’s programmes address the current skills shortages as follows:

  • Level 6 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Processing
  • Level 6 Cert. in Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Level 7 Cert. in Polymer Technology
  • Level 7 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Processing
  • Level 7 Cert. in Bioprocess Engineering
  • Level 8 Higher Diploma in Science in Computing
  • Level 8 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Science
  • Level 8 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Technologies
  • Level 8 B.Sc (Hons) Degree in Quantity Surveying
  • Level 8 B.Sc (Hons) Degree in Construction Project Management
  • Level 9 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Science
  • Level 9 Cert. in Quality Analytics for Biopharma
  • Level 9 Cert. in Project Management

Online learning programmes are designed for students who want to study part-time at a pace that matches their work life balance. Through a combination of online delivery technologies comprising the web- casting of live lectures over the internet as well as access to high quality recordings,  IT Sligo is to the forefront of emerging breakthroughs in the delivery and assessment of online students.

Springboard aims to help participants up skill to restart their career and get back to work. It is Government funded initiative to provide free, part-time, accredited training programmes for those who are currently seeking work.

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For queries about IT Sligo Springboard courses contact Jean Gilligan ( or

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