StudyBundles Connects The Dots For Colleges

It’s going to be a busy year for StudyBundles, which is about to launch its online student platform with a number of major clients.

Based at IT Sligo’s Innovation Centre, the company’s CampusConnect product will be up and running from the end of this month at the University of Limerick and Maynooth University, with plenty more high-profile names about to follow suit.

CampusConnect is a student platform that is custom-designed for each college and students can access it through an app on their mobile phones or other devices.

The app personalises student communication by providing the modern, mobile student with information and quality content right to their mobile phone rather than being left to gather dust in a prospectus or in pre-enrolment packs.

“In a more competitive market for students, colleges are suffering badly with higher drop out before final enrolment,” says company founder Declan Sweeney.

“What we do through CampusConnect is establish a bond with potential students before they even set foot on campus. We do this through providing quality content on an online platform that students can access.”

Once the student arrives on campus, colleges also have a problem retaining them. CampusConnect continues to create and develop this bond with the student, making them more engaged and more likely to stay with the college.

As competition increases, it is solving a critical – and expensive – issue for colleges.It is an issue that Declan – who was a former lecturer and holds an MA in Educational Technology – knows all too well from personal experience – including 15 years working in third-level education in the UK, Australia and Poland.

Originally from Leitrim, Declan and his family moved from London back to the North West in January 2014, after having spent eight years in the UK.

On moving back, he set up the company with two colleagues – John O’Hagan and Daniel Hinkley, both of whom are based in the UK.

Late last year, Declan – who was a participant on the New Frontiers programme – moved from the hot desk area into an office at the Innovation Centre and the company has continued to grow ever since.

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Photo caption:
StudyBundles co-founder Declan Sweeney.

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