Graduation Celebrations For International Students

The academic achievements of IT Sligo’s international students were recognised last Friday at a special ceremony in the Institute’s Hume Hall.

44 students from the countries of Oman, Libya and Cyprus were presented with their International Foundation Programme awards

This one-year special purpose award provides a direct pathway for international students to an IT Sligo degree programme. It enables them to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence required to successfully participate and embark on a degree alongside their Irish counterparts.

“It was a lovely occasion for us,” said Al Mundhir Al-Siyabi, one of the Institute’s Omani students who is also a Graduation in Ireland student ambassador. “Moving to a country either to study or to get a job was something I’ve always wanted to achieve and IT Sligo has offered me a great education.”

In his conferring address, the Registrar of IT Sligo Colin McLean described the graduating students as excellent ambassadors not just for their own countries but also for the Institute.

“Beyond your academic achievements to date, one of the most striking and impressive qualities has been your ability and willingness to immerse yourselves in the local culture and language,” he said.

“Your community engagement chimes perfectly with the ethos of IT Sligo. We strive to help nurture and produce rounded graduates.”

Although the students have completed their Foundation Programme, they are continuing their studies at IT Sligo across a range of Level 7 courses. These include: Medical Biotechnology, Systems and Networking, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Business, and Architectural Design.

There are currently 57 Omani students studying at IT Sligo. Oman provides the largest single non-EU nationality on our campus.

Photo caption:
IT Sligo student Al Mundhir Al-Siyabi was one of the international students who received a Foundation Programme award.

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