IT Sligo Science Fair ‘Steps It Out’

Data gathered from well-worn shoes will form part of a new research project in Forensic Science at this year’s Annual Science Fair in IT Sligo.

The Fair is a popular family event, and takes place this Sunday, November 13th, from 12-5pm.

It features an array of science-related performances and interactive displays.

This year, visitors young and old will have an opportunity to help staff from the Institute’s School of Science collect data for a research project in forensic science.

Bring along your favourite well-worn shoes and get them examined by professional staff to see if they can find traces of blood on them. The research will examine how often a forensic scientist could expect to find blood traces on footwear.

All data collected will remain anonymous.

For more information, contact Aodhmar Cadogan at IT Sligo. Email

The Annual Science Fair at IT Sligo is happening on Sunday, November 13th, between 12 and 5pm.

This is a free event, and is part of The Sligo Science Festival 2016, a week-long programme of free events and activities running from November 13-20th, which is taking place at various venues across County Sligo.

Download the Sligo Science Festival Brochure here

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