‘Live Art’ In Sligo Town Centre

IT Sligo’s Performing Arts and Design students  will be showcasing their creativity and talent this evening (Wed 30th) when they host their annual ‘Live Art’ extravanganza  at Lower Quay Street in Sligo from 6-8pm.

This free public event will offer exciting, vibrant, and thought provoking Live Art exhibitions and performances.

Live Art is an interactive form of expression and, during the 90-minute event, members of the public will be invited to engage with the installations, exhibitions and demonstrations.

The students aim to connect with the audience by the sharing their reflections and experiences on life, the world around us, the past, present, future and the co-existence of our fellow man and woman.

Live Art takes place at three locations in Lower Quay Street, Sligo, this Wednesday evening (Nov 30th) from 6-8pm.

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