Meet The New IT Sligo Students Union Team

IT Sligo’s new full-time elected Students Union officers have taken up their roles for the 2017-18 year. Here’s an introduction to each of them:

ITSSU President Barry Clohessy

Barry Clohessy – President
This is Barry’s third year representing the students of IT Sligo, having previously held the post of Welfare Officer. He is 24 years and is a native of from Youghal in CountyCork. Barry is a graduate in Marketing in PR & Event Management.
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ITSSU Education Officer Vanessa Molloy

Vanessa Molloy – Education Officer
Vanessa liaises with students on any academic issues they may have throughout the year be it lecturers courses, exams, timetables, admission fees, academic support or any other college basedconcern. She also helps look after any problems students may have with SUSI and she also runs the Class Rep Council. Vanessa has completed the Institute’s Level 8 in Sport with Business and will graduate this November.
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ITSSU Welfare Officer Gavin Campbell

Gavin Carroll – Welfare Officer
Gavin is 23 and from Tullamore in County Offaly. He has been a student in IT Sligo for the past four years. In his first three years, he completed his Bachelor of Business Ordinary Degree, before completing his Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing last year. In his role as Welfare Officer, Gavin deals with accommodation queries and assists students with any problems they have regarding physical, mental and sexual health as well as road and personal safety.
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IT Sligo’s Student Union Officers for 2017/18  (L-R):  Vanessa Molloy (Education Officer, Barry Clohessy (President), Gavin Carroll (Welfare Officer).