Fun, interactive and motivating Workshops not to be missed!

CELT Introduces: Fun, interactive and motivating Workshops for Academic /non-Academic Staff, Researchers and Research Students – not to be missed!

Friday 25th May 2018 with Hugh Kearns, Adelaide , Australia

Lecture Room: A0006

IT Sligo welcomes Hugh Kearns, of ThinkWell – recognised internationally as a public speaker, educator and researcher. Hugh regularly lectures at universities across the world and has recently returned from lecture tours of the UK and the US which included lectures at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford.

Hugh lectures and researches at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia (originally from Sligo). He is widely recognised for his ability to take the latest research in psychology and education and apply it to high-performing people and groups. As a co-author with Maria Gardiner, he has published ten books which are in high demand both in Australia and internationally. Hugh, (and his colleague, Maria Gardiner) have worked with more than three quarters of Australia’s universities. Thousands of PhD students and academics have attended their workshops and bought their books. They run workshops in the Unites States, UK and Ireland. So we are fortunate to have Hugh return to deliver these highly regarded workshops.

Hugh is facilitating the following two workshops on Friday 25th May, Lecture Room A0006.
Kindly share this email with anyone/any groups who might be interested in attending

Workshop 1 – “Turbocharge Your Writing” (10am – 12.30pm)
Would you like to know the secret to high output, low stress scholarly writing? In academia it is often assumed that writing comes naturally. However, an overwhelming body of research shows that there are very clear and practical strategies that can greatly increase your writing productivity.
This workshop will help you to understand:

• why it’s hard to get started
• how we deliberately use distractions to slow down writing
• the principles of quick starting
• how to deal with destructive internal beliefs
• how to set a writing plan and stick to it
• how to set achievable goals by writing in a silo
• how to greatly increase the number of actual words you produce
• how to clarify your thinking, and improve the quality of your work

Who is it for?
Research higher degree students at any point in their candidature and Academic/Research and all staff wishing to increase their writing output.

Workshop 2 – “Time for Research” (1.30pm – 4pm)
As a busy academic do you feel like you never have enough time to get to your research, particularly the writing part? And that other things like students, administration, committees, emails, project management etc demand all your time? This workshop shows you how to guarantee you spend high quality time on your research outputs. It covers prioritising, goal setting and managing competing demands in a university context. If you want to increase your research output without compromising your work/life balance, then this workshop is for you. Key aspects of this workshop have featured in the journal Nature.
This workshop will show you how to:
• take control of your time
• prioritise
• stop procrastinating and stay motivated
• avoid distractions
• say NO (and understand why it is so hard to do so)
• balance competing demands
• manage email and paperwork
• work the slightly less hard way
• think more realistically about your research productivity

Who is it for?
Academic/Research and all Staff wishing to manage their time better so they can increase their research productivity and improve their work/life balance.

For further information please contact :Niamh Plunkett – 07191 35859

Hope to see you there! Refreshments will be available during both workshops 

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