Fake News at IT Sligo – and the golden thread of sustainability

We are being bombarded with ‘facts’ everyday – so much information, so little truth!

On Monday, August 20th, there will be an exciting and provocative evening’s debate at IT Sligo, with your chance to have a say about Fake News!

Come and hear five panel experts give their opinions on fake news on food, science, agriculture and the environment. The floor will then be open to the public to hear your views. Panel members will include:

  • Ella McSweeney (Ear to the Ground, RTE)
  • Ciaran Byrne (CEO Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Oonagh Monaghan (Food consultant and author)
  • Michael Ewing ( Co-ordinator of the Irish Environmental Network)
  • Alison Greig (Director of Education for Sustainability, Anglia Ruskin University)

Richard Thorn, President Emeritus of IT Sligo, will chair this event.

All are welcome to attend this lively event at 8pm on Monday August 20th at the Aurivo auditorium.

Please click here to register your attendance .

The Fake News public evening opens ‘Education with Sustainability’ (August 20th to 22nd), an International conference which will draw together educators from Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. EwS 2018 is the first in a series of international interdisciplinary conferences that focuses on the challenges facing all aspects of educating for a sustainable future.

Professor Frances Lucy, Head of Environmental Science at IT Sligo remarked, ‘We’ve had a long hot summer, with little doubt now that man is impacting climate change. This conference will address not only the challenges but also the opportunities for educators, as we need to weave the golden thread of sustainability into all aspects of the teaching curriculum. When students adopt simple core principles, they will implement them in their careers and make a positive difference for the sustainability of planet Earth ’.  Information on this conference is on the IT Sligo website.

IT Sligo also hosts 35 students from six European countries for a Summer Academy on Sustainabilty from August 13th to 23rd.  These students study engineering, science, computing and arts in their home colleges and have come here to work in multidisciplinary teams to find ways to manage our environment sustainably.

This is an annual event established by Mid Sweden University, who are also partners in the EwS 2018 conference.

For further information please contact Dr Frances Lucy – lucy.frances@nullitsligo.ie



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