Available Places 2022

A limited number of places are available at ATU Sligo to start an undergraduate programme each September. This is an ideal route for applicants who did not receive a CAO offer, were not happy with the offer they received, or have since changed their mind on what they would like to study.

Available Places for the 2021/2022 academic year is now closed. 


Progression Routes

There are many pathways to the dream career. Many routes will get students to the same end goal, often within the same length of time. Many Level 6 higher certificate and Level 7 bachelor degree programmes can lead students to the exact same Level 8 honours degree. They can graduate within the same length of time and cost, but provide greater flexibility to change paths along the way.


How do I apply for Available Places?

Applications for available places are made through the CAO website.   Visit www.cao.ie for more information. You do not need to have an existing CAO application to apply. 

Current CAO Applicants

If you have already applied to the CAO then you can apply for an Available Place without payment of a further fee. To apply for these courses, log in to your application on the CAO website using ‘My Application’. Then, click on ‘Add Level 8 Available Place Course’ or ‘Add Level 7/6 Available Place Course’ and follow the instructions. For more information on Available Places or to watch an instructional video, please visit the Available Places page on the CAO website.

New Applicants

A person who has not applied through the CAO already you may make an Available Place application on payment of a fee of €45.00. To make an application visit the CAO website here.

Learn More

To learn more about CAO Offers at ATU Sligo visit our Offers Page and to chat to a member of our team you can contact us through Facebook, WhatsApp or Email by visiting the links on this page. Please note that an application for an Available Places course does not guarantee an offer.

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