Available Places at IT Sligo 

Following the CAO Round 1 offers, IT Sligo have released their Available Places courses which are courses open for application for the academic year 2020/21 commencing in September 2020.  Please see below the full list of Available Places at IT Sligo. 

Available Places at IT Sligo 

Level 8 BA (Hons) – Writing & Literature – Full-Time Online  – SG254

Level 7 BSc (Ord) – Health and Medical Information Science- Full-Time Online  – SG530

Level 6 (Higher Certificate) – Business – Full-Time On Campus – SG101

Level 6 (Higher Certificate) – Science – Full-Time On Campus – SG401

Level 6 (Higher Certificate) – Environmental Science with Ecology – Full-Time On Campus – SG404

New Applicants 

Persons who have not applied to the CAO already may make an Available Place application on payment of a fee of €45.00. To make an application, click here.

Current Applicants 

Persons who have applied already to the CAO may apply for an Available Place without payment of a further fee. 

To apply for these courses, log in to your application on www.cao.ie using ‘My Application’. 

Then, click on ‘Add Level 8 Available Place Course’ or ‘Add Level 7/6 Available Place Course’ and follow the instructions. 

For more information on Available Places or to watch an instructional video, please click here

If you have any questions about your offer from IT Sligo, please contact our team on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Email. You can also schedule a tour of our campus with our School Liaison team, book your tour here.