In a nutshell

A Level 8 core computing programme offering the choice of software or networking streams

Industry is increasingly keen for Level 8 graduates. This programme draws from the success of our software and networking programmes to package a comprehensive degree. You are free to choose from a focus on either sub-discipline - both in high demand.

This is a recently developed programme drawing heavily on input from industry as well as our experience in education. It introduced several innovative features. In Yr 1, for example, you'll work with Arduino micro-controllers. This offers an insight in the growth area of Internet of Things, a multi-billion dollar industry in itself.

What's involved?

Foundation Year

You'll study similar modules as all our first year computing. It's a careful blend of core skills that you will need in any role in the computing industry. It also helps you to identify what choice of electives you will take in Year 2. You'll also work with Arduino - part of the growth area of Internet of Things - to build at the low level and experience computing 'in the raw'.

Building out your skills base

Year 2 lets you focus on either software or networking. Either way, you'll do some coding but by year end you'll be well versed in one area or another. Depending on your choices, you'll study databases, learn how large software systems are built & maintained, see how data is moved about networks - mobile & fixed -, build web applications and manage network infrastructure.

Big Project work and Placement

This is the shortest academic year as you leave for placement at Easter. There's lots to do to get you ready. This year places you in a group of 4, working year-long to develop a large scale application. This is a great chance to build something substantial, something to get you noticed by employers and to work on those soft-skills of working and playing nice with others. You'll interview for jobs and begin focusing on the end-game - landing that job!

Refining your knowledge

Year 4 introduces you to weightier topics in software engineering and systems & networking. Again, electives let you continue your preference for software or networking so depending on your choice, you'll learn about UX (User experience) design, mobile app development, cyber security, virtualisation or system forensics. Employers place a premium on Level 8 graduates.

Career Opportunities

For computing graduates, the outlook could hardly be better. Employment of people with computer and information technology skills is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. Over half the jobs in the Irish Independent Top 50 Jobs of the Future are IT related.

The most recent report from the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs highlights continuing strong demand from enterprise for high-level ICT skills, with 44,500 potential job openings for ICT professionals are forecast over the period 2013 to 2018 in Ireland alone. The future is indeed bright.

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