For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

– Aristotle


Our dedicated space offers you as a student a rich creative environment to help craft your ideas and bring them to life.

Experienced Supervision

Many of our lecturers are practicing designers well equipped to inform and enlighten.

Industry Relevance

We operate close links with industry to ensure that the skills we imbue in our students are relevant and comprehensive.

How We Work


Scope Market

Design is a vast field. We study the market carefully to identify the basket of skills that will make our students stand out. This is key to arriving to the jobs market with the right in-demand skillset.


Technical Expertise

We re-examine our modules every year, tweaking, improving, refining. We ruthlessly drop technologies that have lost their shine in the market. We practice what we teach - this web site is built by our own staff.


Project Work

In 3rd and 4th year, all our students build real working, year-long design projects under careful supervision. We don't limit what you build. Employers prize this individual exposition of students' work.

The Programmes

  • I invented a new device aimed at revolutionising the way patients recover from surgery and it was shortlisted for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Awards 2015. Niall McGonigle, Creative Design

  • Completing my degree at IT Sligo Industrial Design was imperative to my success in my career as an architectural 3d visualiser. Learning basic concept design right though to presenting ideas and final design development lead the way and opened doors into my current area of the design industry. Daragh Doyle, Creative Design

  • The most energetic, amazing, surprising 4 years of my life. Padraic Egan, Systems & Networking

  • Without IT Sligo, I wouldn’t have the career I have today. My time there gave me the tools to get started and the confidence to go after the roles I wanted. Thankfully, those opportunities are still presenting themselves, all thanks to IT Sligo. Clive Foley, Soft Dev