Yr 3 Performing Arts performance of Animal Farm

IT Sligo’s Performing Arts (Acting) 3rd Year students performed George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM in The Factory Performance Space, Sligo, in December 2016. Adaptation for stage by Peter Hall. Directed by Agnes Pallai. Photos and poster by Hazel Stanley.

In the words of David Donnelly (PA3)...

"For the first time in our college experience we had the opportunity to perform in the Factory Performance Space; an utter privilege to use a professional theatre space. Animal Farm proved to have its challenges, like maintaining the shape of at least one animal for the entire duration of a show: with no interval! From start to finish, the process was handled in such a professional manner which was very exciting to be a part of. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity that our lecturers provide us with in third year – to prepare us for when we have graduated."