CanSat 2017 nears launch...

Students from Ursuline College, Summerhill College and Sligo Grammar School near completion on their CanSat 2017 project.

After months of work, the finishing touches are being made to mini-satellites by students of Ursuline College, Summerhill College and Sligo Grammar School. Staff and students at IT Sligo held a workshop recently to help solder electronic components together for the satellites. These will then be housed in a container (even Coke cans will work) and dropped from a height. The electronic components will measure humidity, pressure and other variables during the descent to ground. These measurements are broadcast using radio signals (not unlike a cordless phone) to a land laptop.

CanSat 2017 is on target for launch on April 5th at IT Sligo campus.
On April 5th the regional finals will pit team against team for a place at the national finals in Offaly later in April. We'll have a drone on the day to take the Cansats aloft.