The Theatre Design Show is the highlight of the year for many of the Performing Arts students. The 2016 show was set not to disappoint.

The Theatre Design Show is an annual presentation from those performing arts students who have specialised in the theatre design stream. It represents the culmination of year long work and is highly prized.

This years winner was Holly Smith of Performing Arts Yr 4 who embarks upon a 6 month internship at The Abbey and the world of opportunities that holds.

Update from Holly (Oct 2016):

Being at the Abbey has meant a lot to me. It has helped me focus in what I'd like to do and it has been fantastic meeting professionals in the business who are happy to help you on your way. I'm learning an awful lot about the business side of theatre as well and getting to know the jobs of the people that make the shows happen. It has made me change how I would approach designing a set in the future.

Holly Smith, Performing Arts 2016