BEng in Electronic & Computer Engineering

Our BEng in Electronic Engineering begins with a general introductory year which is common to Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. We facilitate our students in moving between these three degrees after first year so that a better fit between chosen career path and course can be achieved (subject to quotas).

In the second and third years of the course the focus moves on to the fundamental principles of electronic engineering and the study of embedded systems. An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software (also known as firmware), and perhaps additional mechanical or other parts, designed to perform a specific function. Applications of embedded systems are products such as mobile phones, MP3 players, medical diagnostic equipment, digital guitar effects pedals, voice recognition systems, computer games consoles, engine management systems and aircraft guidance systems.

We have ensured that computer programming is an integral part of this course. It is introduced for the purpose of writing software for PCs as well as firmware for dedicated microprocessor-based embedded systems.