Certificate in Irish Archaeology (Online)

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Credits 15
  • Course Code N/A
  • Award Special Purpose Award
  • Duration 1 year

Course Summary


The online Certificate is an introduction to the archaeology of Ireland.  Choose one to three modules to add credits to your home degree. Or enjoy simply for interest.

Two modules are online: take class from the comfort of your own home. Our Sligo Summer School is available as a third module – visit sites and take classes in Ireland.

Tomb 4, Carrowmore Passage Tomb complex, Co. Sligo; over 5000 years old

Tomb 4, Carrowmore Passage Tomb complex, Co. Sligo; over 5000 years old (After Mike Bunn)


Modules 1 and 2 below will comprise of one lecture online weekly for 13 weeks/semester.

IT Sligo is the leader in the delivery of online distance education in Ireland since 2002. All lectures are recorded for those who may not be able to attend lecture live.

Module 3 will comprise a 2-week stay based at IT Sligo undertaking field trips to archaeological monuments, buildings and sites in the region.

All exams and continuous assessment will be done remotely and submitted online. Each module has its own web page (Moodle) where lecturers can post useful resources, students can submit assignments, receive feedback and where students can communicate with their lecturer and with each other.

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Participants who successfully complete the full programme of 15 credits will be awarded a Certificate in the Archaeology of Ireland. The Programme will also be available as single modules.

Key Course Information

Attendance Requirements

Modules 1 and 2 are taught wholly online and we are now accepting applications (until January 21st, 2022) to start at the end of January 2022. Module 3, a study tour of archaeological sites in the region, will involve a 2 week stay based at IT Sligo. Accommodation and flights - self organised and funded. Dates for the 2022 study tour will be May 30th to June 10th, 2022. The third module can also be completed in 2023.

For international students (outside of the EU/UK) interested in the Certificate in Irish Archaeology, please refer to the specific programme: 
Certificate in Irish Archaeology (International)  


Application Closing Date : 7th January 2022

Entry Requirements

All those with a Level 6 qualification in a related discipline are eligible to apply for this programme. It can also be taken as part of a recognised degree programme with the credits transferred to your home institution. Mature applicants need not have the above minimum entry requirements and acceptance will be based on individual applications.

Career Opportunities

After completing this Certificate, students may progress to further study, including the Level 7 Ordinary BSc in Applied Archaeology (+ 1 year) in IT Sligo followed by a level 8 Honours BSc Degree. Graduates may enter the work place as field excavators, or get involved in heritage tourism.

Further Study

For international students interested in the Certificate in Irish Archaeology, refer to the specific programme 
Certificate in Irish Archaeology (International)  


David Kenny Irish Student Testimonial (May 2020)

"The Online Cert in Irish Archaeology has been a fantastic learning experience. It is a crash-course through 11000 years of Irish history and prehistory delivered through a series of interesting, engaging, and highly illustrated lectures. Comprehensive course material is provided consisting of notes, e-books and the full resources if the IT Sligo library - more than enough for the core course, as well as wider interests. Although online, the course has been very engaging with a good amount of chit-chat between participants from many backgrounds. Course lecturers, Shirley and Chris have been approachable from the outset, their expertise from both a theoretical perspective and field-work is of the highest order, but yet they have delivered the programme in a friendly, down-to-earth, and often witty, manner. I have been able to apply the course content in real-time in the assorted tourism and heritage work that I do. Extremely well worthwhile."

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Fee for 5 credit two week study tour:



Course Format

Taught Modules run throughout the year and students can choose to commence their studies in September or January of each academic Semester. Students can elect to study one or two modules per Semester. The Study Tour is only run once per year in the second Semester and is scheduled for June of that Semester
Taught Modules  Credits
Prehistoric Ireland, from Ice Age to Iron Age: 12,500 BC - AD 400 05
The Archaeology and Architecture of Medieval Ireland 400-1550AD 05
Study Tour*
Archaeology of Ireland two-week Study Tour: North-West of Ireland 05
*Please note that the Study Tour will run subject to public health guidelines available at the time and may be impacted by the current global pandemic. You course co-ordinator will keep you updated throughout the Semester.