Gender Profiles

Since 2016, the Higher Education Institutional Staff Profiles by Gender collate gender disaggregated data from Irish higher education institutions (HEIs) that are in receipt of annual core-grant funding from the HEA. These profiles provide information on key indicators which will contribute to the assessment of gender-equality in Irish HEIs. This publication offers a valuable baseline from which progress can be measured, and includes all grades of staff, in seven universities, three colleges, fourteen institutes of technology and RCSI.
Governance and Management Structures.

As well as listing the gender of each president/or equivalent, the gender-balance on governing authority/body, academic council, and executive management teams is provided per HEI, and the sector summaries indicate the number of institutions that have a minimum 40% of each gender on these key decision-making bodies.

2019 IT Sligo Gender Profile

Report on IT Sligo’s Gender Profile 2019

2018 IT Sligo Gender Profile

2017 IT Sligo Gender Profile

2016 IT Sligo Gender Profile