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Closing Conference Invitation: Cross-Border Uptake of eInvoicing and Innovation

July 23, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Cross border conference

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Speakers and Panellists 

Padraig Harte:

Padraig Harte, the lead team member, is a lecturer in the School of Engineering & Design at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. He has 30 years experience in the IT Industry and has been a lecturer for the last 13 years. He also has 7 years of senior management experience in Sligo Local Authorities as the Head of IT giving him valuable insight into accounting practices in Public Service.  He has been researching e-Invoicing extensively in the last number of years, was a contributor to the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure AS2 specifications, co-led the National PEPPOL Pilot and has delivered presentations on eInvoicing both in Ireland and in Europe.

Brian Lunney

Brian Lunney is a Certified Accountant and Head of Payment Services with the HSE, an organisation with a national remit which is responsible for processing 2.3 million payments annually across a number of different systems. He has over 25 years’ experience in this area and has represented the HSE on a number of national committees including eInvoicing Ireland.

Sean Thornton

Sean Thornton manages the Payment Services Specialists team with responsibility for the rollout of technical projects and initiatives. He also manages the HSE Invoice Capture Solution which automates invoice matching in a number of HSE regions. He has 18 years’ experience in this area.

Laura Pavan

Laura Pavan, is a public eprocurement expert working with Public Companies over the past 15 years, designing and delivering several public eProcurement project. In Maggioli, is involved in design and delivery of special project related to eProcurement, with particular focus on integration of the platform with external system. Managing the project at 360°, she acquired a strong experience on designing business process compliant to the regulatory aspects and into introduction  of the new functions in the existing platform, according to the Italian procurement legislation. She is also in charge about the technical analysis, the compliance to the technical rules define by AGID for public company, and the software production coordination.

Marilia Liotta

Marilia Liotta is a Program and Project Manager for Sicilia Digitale S.p.A., the IT company of the Region of Sicily. She has 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry. She holds a Ph.d in Robotics at the University  of Palermo and continued her works in Research and Development groups for 5 years, mostly in Artificial Intelligence and e-learning subjects.

She has been working for IT companies for Public Administration, for Sicilia Region in particular, for the last 15 years, at the beginning as project manager and after as a coordinator of e-health projects.  In the last 5 years she has been the coordinator of the Project Division of Sicilia Digitale S.p.A

Declan McCormack

Declan McCormack, Programme Manager, eInvoicing Ireland, Office of Government Procurement

Declan has responsibility at Principal level for the Office of Government Procurement’s eInvoicing Ireland programme. The eInvoicing Ireland Programme was established to facilitate and enable public bodies comply with the requirements of the European eInvoicing Directive (2014/55/EU) and achieve benefits beyond compliance. Declan serves as Ireland’s representative on the European Commission’s Multi-Stakeholder Forum on eInvoicing.

Prior to his appointment he held a range of technical and senior management positions in the IT/ eProcurement industry and, as a member of the National Standards Authority (NSAI), has served on the European eProcurement Standardisation task force (CEN/TC434) that was charged with drafting the eInvoicing Standard as referenced by the European eInvoicing Directive (2014/55/EU).

Edmund Gray

Edmund Gray, has been involved in the IT Industry for over 30 years as a Software Developer and Team Manager.  He has developed accounting and eInvoicing systems since 1990 based on many EDI standards.  He is also currently part of the management team of CEN TC 434, that are delivering the CEN EN Standard for e-Invoicing.  He is responsible for the Testing and Test Methodology and his group works with the Commission, CEF and ISA teams, to deliver a test bed that can be used by all implementations across the EU.  He also Chairs the eProcurement Committee of the Irish National Standards Association in Ireland (NSAI) and represents Ireland as a delegate in the EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on eInvoicing and is Coordinator of the UN/CEFACT Supply Chain Projects.  He is also advisor to both English and Irish Governments on eInvoicing as he was the Technical Advisor on the NHS England project and part of the working group setup by the Irish Office of Government Procurement to develop a high level strategic plan to implement eInvoicing.

Carmen Ciciriello

Carmen Ciciriello, CEO of Celeris Group, is an expert in innovation and development of digital services. She is an advisor to the European Commission and governments on policies, digital initiatives and the application of European standards.
She has successfully managed projects in the fields of online payments, electronic invoicing, digital public procurement and Linked Open Data.
She was the director responsible for the adoption of the PEPPOL standards during the Large Scale Pilot project and managed the implementation of PEPPOL messages and network for the National Health Service in England.
Carmen has been a member of various expert groups of the European Commission, such as the EC Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement, EC Payment Systems Market Expert Group, and EC Expert Group on eInvoicing.

Eoin Maguire

Eoin Maguire is the Joint Managing Director of Document Centric Solutions. Eoin brings over 20 years of executive management experience and a proven track record of success in building software companies that pride themselves in innovation, customer service and delivering value to their stakeholders.

In his role of Managing Director at DCS, he has been instrumental in the drive to deliver eInvoicing and Purchase-to-Pay SAAS solutions that add real value to organisations both in the UK and Ireland.