First Online Autonomous Vehicles Course to be Launched by Minister for Higher Education

The first online course aimed at the Autonomous Vehicles industry will be officially launched by the Minister of Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD on Friday 11th of January at 12.30pm at IT Sligo.

This innovative new part-time Masters of Engineering programme brings together interdisciplinary concepts such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, vehicle dynamics and advanced sensor systems to provide engineers with the skills required to design the next generation of self-driving cars.

Speaking before the official launch, Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor said:

“Autonomous Vehicles is the future of the motor industry and IT Sligo is at the forefront of online education in Ireland.  To have such a futuristic course delivered around the world to industry leaders, highlights how far third level education has come in Ireland.  Institutes of Technology have always worked with regional industries in delivering relevant courses.  But now, thanks to IT Sligo’s embracing of online learning, we can now deliver ground breaking courses to industries around the world.”

IT Sligo’s new online Master of Engineering in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles programme has been closely developed with the motor industry on the west coast of Ireland as well as with input from German automotive manufacturers and suppliers such as BMW and Continental AG through IT Sligo’s partner University of Applied Sciences, Kempten, Germany.

IT Sligo is one of the largest suppliers of online courses in Ireland and is attracting many students from around the world with its innovative approach to online learning.  Almost half of IT Sligo’s 6,000 students are now studying online.

Master of Engineering in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles programme is one of over 100 courses available online at IT Sligo and has proven very popular among engineers working in the automotive industry.  The course has attracted students from around the world including; Russia, India and the United States.

President of IT Sligo, Dr Brendan McCormack thanked Minister Mitchell O’Connor for her support and praised the work of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at IT Sligo for the innovative new online course:

“We are delighted to be the first third level institute in Europe to offer an online Masters course in Autonomous Vehicles.  The popularity of this course has been proven by the enthusiasm of the industry and the number of students from around the world who have enrolled.  We are always looking at opportunities to offer new courses in growing industries.  Autonomous driving is one such industry and to be the only third level institute to be offering such a course online is a great achievement for IT Sligo.”

Modules of the course include: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Environment Detection, Vehicle Dynamics and Control, Automotive System Safety & Cybersecurity, as well as an industry focused academic research thesis in the field of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Design.

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