Accident or Incident Reporting


To all Employees and Students you must report as soon as possible all accidents or incidents that occur on campus or off campus on a college approved activity. You should report the accident to your Manager, the lecturer in charge, the person in charge of an area or if you are in doubt report it directly to the Health and Safety Officer.

Please ensure an Accident or Incident report form has been completed as documented evidence is very important to ensure a full investigation is conducted.

The following all need to be reported, by doing so you will ensure that a thorough investigation is undertaken and you may prevent a similar accident or incident in the future.

An Accident which resulted in an injury to an Employee or Student which occurred on campus or off campus on a college approved activity.

 A Near Miss “any event, which under slightly different circumstances, may have resulted in injury or ill health of people, or damage or loss to property, plant, materials or the environment or a loss of business opportunity”

 An Incident which resulted in damage or loss to property or equipment on campus e.g. a fire, a failure in a physical structure, a water leak, flooding etc

Policy for the Reporting and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents

Where can I get an Accident or Incident Report Form?

Accident or Incident Report Books can be found in the Health and Safety Information Points which are located in each department or a copy of the form can be downloaded here

Accident or Incident Report Form

Incident Investigation & Corrctive action Report