Emergency Procedures


Emergencies and First Aid

You should familiarise yourself with the names of first aiders in your area, the location of your nearest first aid kit and Defibrillator (AED).

 In the event of a minor medical incident summon a First aider by dialling the First Aid Response number 5333 or 071 9305333

In the event of a major medical emergency such as person collapsing, suffering from chest pain or where there is risk of serious injury etc you should not delay in calling for an ambulance yourself.  Once you have called for an ambulance you or someone else if nearby should call the First Aid Response number 5333.

When calling an ambulance

 Dial 112 or 999

  • Give the phone number you are calling from
  • What emergency services you require
  • Location of the incident be specific
  • Chief complaint
  • Gender
  • Conscious                                                            Yes/No
  • Breathing or not                                               Yes/No 
  • If >35 years         Chest pain                          Yes/No 
  • If Trauma             Severe bleeding?             Yes/No