Framework Safety Statement

In accordance with Section 20 of the Health and Safety at work Act 2005 IT Sligo is required to prepare a written Safety Statement specifying the manner in which the safety, health and welfare of employees is to be secured and managed.

In response to this IT Sligo has prepared a Framework Safety Statement outlining IT Sligo policies on health and safety matters and defining the necessary management structure for the implementation of these policies. Specific health and safety issues of relevance to IT Sligo as a whole are detailed in this Framework Safety Statement.

The Framework Safety details what the duties and responsibilities are of the management of IT Sligo as the employers and our own duties as either employees or as students of IT Sligo.

Due to the size and complexity of IT Sligo structure and operations this Framework Safety Statement cannot address the individual hazards and risks in the various schools or departments. Each functional area is therefore required to have its own local Functional Area Safety Statement.

The Functional Area Safety Statement should document the hazards, risks and control measures which are specific to the actives and tasks conducted in the area. It should also highlight the persons in the area who have specific responsibility for managing health and safety in the area. The local area Functional Area Safety Statement should include any policies and/or procedures which are applicable for the management of Health and Safety in each respective area.

The Framework Safety Statement can be found in the Health and Safety Information Points which can be found in each department.

Download Framework Safety Statement