Organisation of Events on Campus

An “event” is a non routine (outside of normal day to day college activities or activities which form part of a course curriculum) gathering of staff, students or members of the public in campus buildings or grounds.

An event at IT Sligo includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Non routine Sports events
  • Musical or theatrical events
  • Clubs and Societies events held on campus
  • Use of the car parks to stage events
  • Summer Schools
  • Music Schools
  • Language Schools
  • Open Days
  • Science Fair
  • Careers fair
  • Rag week events which take place on campus
Sue McGrath, experimenting with gasses In "Potions, Explosions and a Little bit of Magic" at the annual Science and Technology Fair as part of Science Week Ireland, in the Institute of Technology, Sligo, yesterday. James Connolly / PicSell8 11NOV12

Event Organizer is the person acting as an individual or on behalf of a committee or organization who is in charge of the event. This person maybe a member of staff at the college, a student or a member of the public.

Event organizers have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the people attending the event or working at it (paid or voluntary) and must take all actions, in so far as is reasonably practicable to ensure all activities are undertaken in a safe and healthy manner.

An Event Safety form must be completed for any event held on campus grounds or buildings.

Please contact the  Health and Safety Officer at ext 336 or 0879961875 for further information on event safety.

If you wish to book a room or space on campus for your event please contact Michael Barrett at ext 7212.

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