Safety Consultation

Under section 26 (1) of the Act employers must make arrangements for employee consultation and participation.

In order to ensure effective consultation with employees IT Sligo has set up a Safety Steering Team to help communicate effectively and consult with employees on matters relating to health and safety.

Safety Steering Team

The function of the Safety Steering Team is to ensure employee involvement in safety activities at IT Sligo and to advise the Executive on the preparation and on the development of safety policies and procedures. The Team is composed of a cross-section of employees from all functional areas and levels at the campus. The Team will be chaired by the Head of Development and Business Operations and it will meet once every quarter.

 Safety Representatives

In addition to the Safety Steering Team, Section 25 of the Act entitles employees to decide on, select and appoint a safety representative or, by agreement with their employers, more than one safety representative to represent them in consultations with the employer on matters of safety, health and welfare at the place of work.

The Safety Representatives shall be elected by the employee representatives who sit on the Safety Steering Team.

Safety Steering Team Members