Norwegian Aracheologists visit Institute


On the 11th of March, staff and students from the Masters in Field Archaeology programme at the Norwegian Science and Technology University (NTNU) at Trondheim visited the Institute of Technology, Sligo.

This was the third annual visit by the Norwegians. Each year the master’s students from NTNU travel to Ireland to tour some of our more famous archaeological sites and landscapes. Since 2007, the Applied Archaeology Programme at IT, Sligo has hosted the Norwegian students, organising educational and social activities.


This year, a lecture series was organised, providing an opportunity to both ITS and NTNU archaeology students to present some elements of their own research in front of a wider audience. This year’s papers ranged from discussions on the role of women in Mesolithic Ireland to pre-Viking burial practices in Norway.

Programme contents included:

‘ Remembering where the Bishop Sat’ : Perceptions of the Past at Kilteasheen, Co. Roscommon ‘ : Christopher Read:

‘The role of Gathering in Mesolthic Ireland’ – Lisa Rankin and Rita Mhig Fhionnaile

‘Irish Henge Monuments’ – Charles Clarke

‘The Overhogdal Tapestries ‘- Johanne Ranvik

‘Veiem: a warrior grave from the Migration period ‘- Hanne Hongset

‘Germanic imitations of Roman gold medallions’- Tanja Larssen

‘Horses of Trondheim’- Eilin Iren Antonsen

Led by Dr. Terje Brattli, the 15 Norwegian students enjoyed a night of Irish hospitality here in Sligo hosted by our own archaeology students. The following day they were led on a tour of Sligo’s more spectacular archaeological sites by Sam Moore, local archaeologist and IT, Sligo lecturer.


Dr. Read considers the annual visit to be: ”One of the highlights of our academic year, providing our students with an opportunity to speak in front of their international peers and creating links between students, staff and our two institutions