Prof Luke O’Neill Urges Students to Limit Contacts this Christmas

18th Dec 2020

Professor Luke O’Neill spoke directly to IT Sligo students in a special online Q&A session on Covid 19 with Student Health Services and the Students Union.  Luke is a Professor of biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin and has urged students to keep number of contacts to a limit.

In a live Facebook interview with Student Health Service Nurse Caroline Kennedy and  Student Union President, Jason Quinn the Professor said while it may be OK to meet in small groups of two or three people, it’s not safe to meet in large groups;

“Even outdoors with a massive group of people, that virus will easily spread.  While being outside will decrease the risk, 30 people standing outside a pub roaring at each other will spread the virus as well.”

Professor O’Neill added it was vital people keep groups small and ensure rooms are well ventilated this Christmas;

“On Christmas day, the big thing to avoid is a stuffy room. Keep the windows open and let a draft through the room.”

On Vaccination he said he thoroughly trusts the regulators of the vaccines and encouraged young people to get the vaccine to protect others and prevent long term symptoms of Covid.

“Apart from protecting ourselves and others we also need to get our economy back, our social life back we need to get rid of this virus and the vaccine will do this.”

Professor O’Neill has become a household name since the outbreak of the pandemic appearing regularly on the Late Late Show and Primetime and last week appeared on CNN on the topic of Covid-19.  He also has a weekly science slot on Pat Kenny show on Newstalk and this year was awarded the SFI Science Communicator of the Year Award for his ongoing efforts to inform the public on Covid-19.  Now he can add live Q&A session at IT Sligo to his CV!.

Professor Luke O’Neill is an  author of “Nevermind the b@*%$$%^ here’s the Science” and lead singer of a punk rock-band called “The Metabolix”.

The interview is available to watch back on the IT Sligo Student Union Facebook Page.

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