Maths Support

The Mathematics Support Centre is a special inter-school initiative of the institute. It is now well known that many capable students, for a variety of reasons, may find it difficult to achieve the required standards in mathematics to support their degree studies.

The purpose of the centre is to support students’ mathematics learning across all programmes in the Institute of Technology Sligo by:

  • providing a dedicated area with supervised access to help and resources in a relaxed environment
  • delivering appropriate support services for students on service mathematics courses
  • addressing the mathematics needs of special groups

All ITS students studying programmes with a component of mathematics/statistics may avail of the centre’s services

Free of Charge

  • You will be helped on a first come, first served basis. You are welcome to attend any session that suits you and there is no need to make an appointment.
  • Bring your lecture notes with you, along with a calculator and any other relevant material, including homework and your attempted work. The Mathematics Support Centre is designed to be a supplement to lectures and tutorials, not a substitute for these.
  • It is important that you come to the centre as soon as you have a query/problem; the earlier you come, the easier it is to sort it out!

***Maths Learning Centre- Pre Exam support for Summer 2018

Time Location
Tuesday 31st July 11am-1pm  B1086
Wednesday 1stAugust 11am-1pm  B1086
Thursday 2nd August 11am-1pm  B1086



Services available for students include:

  • Individual student consultation
  • Individual tutorial assistance
  • Additional tutorial support
  • Computer-based tutorials
  • Study area
  • Access to relevant text material

2017/18 Prospectus