English Language and Academic Writing Support

The support service is free and available to all students in the Institute of Technology, Sligo. The purpose of this service is to give students the tools to develop their language and writing skills in one-to-one sessions with qualified tutors. The focus is on applied skills and the active process of writing. For example:

  • writing clear, concise and direct sentences
  • grammar and punctuation
  • how to proof read and revise one’s own work
  • stages of the writing process
  • English language for students with English as their second language

All students are welcome. Complete the form below and Sarah O’Beirne will arrange a time to meet. She will be available every Tuesday between 11.00-14.00 in Room D1018.

English Language/Academic Writing Support Request Form

    Student Details

  • Outline areas you would like help and support in

  • An introduction to your tutor will be sent to you as soon as possible (usually within a week).


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