Institute of Technology, Sligo has an Access Office which has a specific responsibility to support students attending the college who have a disability or special needs due to chronic illness.  It is however the responsibility of any student with a disability or special needs to make contact with the Access Office at the beginning of each academic year so that their needs can be reviewed.  The Institute of Technology Sligo cannot take responsibility for failing to support a student where the student has not identified their needs to the Access Office.  Supports for students with disabilities are continuously being developed and it is important that students make themselves aware of these developments.

In registering with the Access Office, the student and Access Officer/ Learning Support Tutor will agree an individual support plan tailored to the specific requirements of that student with referrals to other members of college staff only as appropriate.  The confidentiality of the registration form will be waivered only with the written consent of the student.  The student can also receive a copy of the completed Disability Registration Form for his or her own records.

Supports Available

The Access Office acts as an advocate on behalf of the student with a disability or special need in the Institute of Technology, Sligo.  By registering with the Access Office, supports can be requested and developed in relation to academic and physical requirements within the college on the student’s behalf.  An application can be made to the Higher Education Authority for funding to facilitate the student in his / her studies, purchase and loan equipment intended to assist the student during his / her studies at the Institute of Technology Sligo.  As it will take some time to develop some of the supports required by any student, students are urged to make contact with the Access Office as soon as is possible following return to study at  Institute of Technology Sligo.

One hurdle, which all students have to overcome in their studies at the Institute of Technology Sligo, is that of examinations.  Specific procedures are in place to support students with disabilities or special needs to perform on an equal basis as their class peers.  These procedures allow for students where necessary to use a special desk or chair, take medicines, food or drink have a rest or break during examinations, record answers through mechanical or electronic means or with the assistance of a scribe or have an extension of the exam time allowed.  Such supports do not allow for factual assistance to be given to the student in relation to the subject of the exam and all requests for special arrangements must be substantiated by documentation from a third party.

The Asssitive Technology Suite offers students with disabilities a quiet room to study where they have access to printers and PCs with specific software. It can be located on the first floor in the Student Support Services Centre.

How to find the Access Office

The Access Officer, Catherine McNelis can be contacted at 071-9305381 or by email at mcnelis.catherine@nullitsligo.ie.  Students with dyslexia / specific learning difficulties should make contact directly with the Learning Support Tutor, Andrea Rynn at 071-9305400 or by email at learningsupport@nullitsligo.ie

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