Student Assistance and Childcare Fund 2014/15

What is the Student Assistance Fund?

The Student Assistance Fund aims to ensure that disadvantaged students receive financial supports to enable them to fully benefit from their studies and in particular to assist them in overcoming financial obstacles which may otherwise cause them to abandon their studies.

Am I Eligible To Apply?

  • To receive payment from the Fund any tuition or registration fees must be paid in full
  • Attending a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course of not less than one year’s duration
  • Experiencing acute or unexpected hardship

What can I receive funding for?

Grants will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Heating and electricity costs
  • Transport costs associated with attending college
  • Rent associated with attending college
  • Books and materials associated with attending college
  • Medical visits or other medical costs

Funding will not be awarded for the

  • The payment of mortgages
  • The purchase of laptops / computers
  • Registration or tuition fees
  • Repayment of debts

How Do I Apply?

Complete and sign the application form emailed to all students and provide documentary evidence as follows:

  • evidence of grant or if not approved for grant, family / parental income in the form of recent payslips / social welfare statement/ P60 for 2013 or Notice of Assessment for 2013,
  • evidence of current bank balance  and transactions for 1 month prior to date of application,
  • evidence of rent or mortgage (not required if living in parental home but do indicate that living with parents),
  • evidence of loan(s) (if applicable) and any income (eg. payslip or lodgement in bank account)

Place form and documentary evidence in an envelope and place in the Student Assistance / Childcare Postbox beside the Access Office door (Room A1016 in the Administration Block, corridor opposite the library, enter through the door on the bank side of Admissions and the third office on the right).

  • Applications are currently closed.
  • Funds are limited

What Happens to My Application

Those who submit a completed application and all relevant documentation will receive an email to confirm that a complete application has been received.  All first time applicants will be invited for interview in order to process their application. Those who received funding in 2012/13 may be invited to attend for interview based on a supplementary application.


This interview will focus on personal income and expenditure, the purpose why a grant is requested and the amount required.  Applicants will be asked to nominate which of five different categories that they wish to receive funding for.  Bank details are also required for this interview and applicants will be required to sign a declaration that the information provided is complete and true and that receipts will be provided for the expenditure of any grant received.

Incomplete applications

Contact will not be made with those who do not submit completed applications and supporting documentation.

Applications are checked weekly, if you have made an application and not received a confirmatory email within a fortnight, please attend one of the following drop in clinics to establish what additional information is required to complete your application. Only enquiries in person at these specific times will be responded to and please ensure that you have a current student ID card with you.

Enquires outside of these times will be not be responded to.

Decision and payment of grant

  • Applicants will receive notification on the decision of the committee as soon as is possible and successful applicants will receive payment into their bank account
  • Applications may be approved and applicants informed of decisions of the Welfare Committee, but no payment will be issued to any student until they are fully registered.
  • Most applicants will receive payment in a number of instalments.  The second and subsequent instalments will follow the submission of receipts relating to the expenditure of earlier payments.
  • Receipts for expenditure should be provided by the student to the Access Office within three weeks of receipt of funding.  Failure to do so will preclude the student from receiving further support from the fund.
  • The Assessment Sub-Committee reserves the right to consult outside agencies or other sources including but not limited to the Gardai, SV de P, Facebook, Disciplinary Tribunal records in reaching a decision on any application.

 What is the Childcare Fund? 

The Childcare Fund is a limited fund, available to help full-time students who have childcare responsibilities.   In order to be eligible to apply for funding from the Childcare fund, applicants must qualify for free or the EU rate of fees and meet the eligibility criteria for application for a maintenance grant from SUSI, their local authority or VEC.  Applicants must also have paid any outstanding tuition or registration fees before becoming eligible for support from the Childcare Fund.

As funds available are limited they are means tested.  The amount which any individual receives is further dependent on the number of eligible applicants.

1.    Applications

The applicant will submit a completed application form giving details of

  • the childcare provider
  • the child/children
  • family income
  • Student Details

To support the application, the student must provide

  • Evidence of income including that of partner if relevant
  • Birth Certificate for each child
  • Explanation as to why a partner is not available to provide childcare, if relevant.

Applications are closed for 2014/15.

The following net income ceilings apply to the awarding of a childcare grant:

Lone Parent With 1 Child


With 2 Children


With 3 Children


With 4 Children


Couple with 1 child








2.    Application Assessment

The Welfare Committee assesses applications.  The Committee may require an interview(s) to clarify aspects of the application.

3.    Payment of Childcare Funds

  • Studentsare required to provide receipts from the Childcare Provider on a monthly basis
  • Receipts must be presented from the official receipt book provided to eligible applicants
  • The childcare provider and the student must sign the receipts.
  • Payments are not made in advance and only on submission of receipts.
  • All payments are made through the applicant’s bank account.

4.    Form of Undertaking

Successful applicants will be required to sign a Form of Undertaking that the money will be used for childcare costs and that they have received the sum granted

5.    Students Must Reapply Each Year

Students must reapply each year for funding.

6.    Student Assistance Applications

 Although paid from the same source, assessment of the Childcare and Student Assistance Funds in IT Sligo are totally separate and students may apply for funding from each fund and receive funds from one, other or both funds.  However if applicants are successful in applying for two funds, the maximum that one family may receive between both funds is €5,000.

7.    Change of Childcare Provider

 Students, who change their childcare provider during the course of the year, should inform the Access Office of this in writing stating the contact and payment details relating to the new provider.

8.    Submission of Childcare Documentation

All documentation relating to the application for the Childcare Allowance should be submitted to the Access Office by Friday, November 22nd to allow timely decisions to be made.

The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Irish Government and part funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme.”


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