Anne Granahan – BBs (Hons) in Marketing

Name: Anne Granahan

Job: Marketing Manager at Electric Skyline

A recent graduate of our Marketing degree programme, Anne Granahan ran her own business for several years before making the decision to return to ATU Sligo in 2017. Over the course of 3 years, Anne built up a set of digital skills that she could see were in high demand, particularly in the small businesses where in-house knowledge didn’t exist and many managers were spending significant budget buying in the expertise.  

Having completed a 12-week placement for Claremorris based Electric Skyline, Anne was offered a permanent job as a Marketing Manager. “My background as a business owner was valued and when that was coupled with the practical digital marketing skills gained in the areas of graphic design, social media and google analytics, my employer could see the value in bringing the skills in house.”  

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