Jorja Kennedy – BBs (Hons) in Sport with Business.

Name: Jorja Kennedy

School: Abbey Vocational School, Donegal

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choosing your course: 

I chose this course because I’ve always had a keen interest in both sports and business and I felt that this course provided me with a good opportunity to study both areas with a combination of modules presented and to gain an in-depth knowledge in this sector. 

Tell us why you chose ATU Sligo: 

I chose ATU Sligo because of its location in the North West allowing me easy access from home and as stated above I felt that the course had a good combination of modules allowing me to pursue options of careers in teaching, business and sports marketing.  

What specifically about the course do you particularly enjoy: 

I specifically enjoy a number of elements of this course including the practical aspects where you consider sport not only for elite athletes but also sport in the wider community  e.g. for the elderly and young people with disabilities-  this has given me a completely different perspective on the value of sport in this context.  I also enjoy the examination of the business aspects of sport through marketing, business technology and sports promotion.  

What is the best thing about your course that you think new applicants should know: 

I think new applicants should be made aware of the level of practical work examined throughout this course and the work experience has contributed to this by allowing the student to be involved in the real-world context of the course. Students must also be made aware that they can receive further qualifications throughout the course through different modules such as Gym Instruction and Health and Fitness. 

If you were speaking with a first-year student about to start your course, what advice/information would you give them: 

I would encourage all incoming students to enjoy their time in ATU Sligo, however be aware of completing the requirements for the course modules and staying on top of your workload, work-life balance is essential! 

What are your plans after ATU Sligo and any long term goals you are aiming for: 

I would love to pursue a career in a marketing or perhaps pursue a career in teaching.  

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