Roisin Rodgers – BSc (Hons) in Health Science and Physical Activity

Name: Roisin Rodgers

School: Pobail Scoil Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choose your course 

I’ve been playing football for almost 15 years now and I love every bit of it. The smell of the fresh-cut grass, the cold wet nights at training, the heartbreak, the success. Every moment I’m on the pitch it makes me feel free, it feels like it’s just me on the pitch. I decided to choose the Health Science & Physical Activity course because I’ve always been around sport and seen many injuries in my time playing. I always found it interesting when I would see the physio come and take a look at people or strap them up with tape. It was something that I knew I would love to look into in the future. I’ve seen the pain in people’s eyes when they are told they won’t be able to play due to an injury, I’ve felt that pain myself. Through doing this course I hope to be able to reduce that heartbreak and get people playing fit again, so they can feel the way I do when I’m out there.

Why did you choose ATU Sligo? 

I choose ATU Sligo because it was closer to home and with that, I can continue to train with my club and county at the level that I need to maintain a good level of fitness. With being at Sligo I can attend training and meeting that my managers need me to attend without losing out on my education.

What advice would you give someone thinking about choosing ATU Sligo?  

I would highly suggest choosing ATU Sligo, everything is so much more convenient. Due to it being a somewhat smaller college, this gives lecturers more time to interact with the student and this gives them more one-on-one time whenever necessary.

Do you like Sligo as a student town? e.g. things to do, food, nightlife, clubs and societies, accommodation etc. 

I do like Sligo as a student town. There is a great little coffee shops and cafes to go spend time with friends and get some work done. There is great nightlife, with most of the nightlife being a 10-15 min walk from the accommodation. There are many different clubs and societies too, from chess to Strongman/woman. There is something for everyone.

What specifically about your course do you particularly enjoy? 

I particularly enjoy the labs that we do weekly. They are a great chance to learn and interact with your lecturers and friends. You are doing something different every week. It’s one of my favourite times during the week.

What would you say to a student thinking about studying your course? 

I would say go for it if you enjoy science and everything that it contains then this is the course for you. There is never a dull moment with this course. Always learning something new.

Tell us about your sporting career/success so far? 

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to represent my county at both underage and now senior levels. I’ve been playing with the Donegal Senior Ladies for the last 2 years now. I was called up to play at the age of 17, now being 19, I am grateful to be able to have the opportunity to play alongside some of many of the great players that made me fall in love with the sport. Throughout my sporting career, I’ve been able to put in the hard work and come out with some success. I’m lucky enough to have a Senior Ulster title to my name, I was nominated alongside Geraldine McLaughlin, Micheal Murphy & Ciaran Thompson for sports person of the year. Last year I was able to make it to an All-Ireland Quarterfinal, an All-Ireland League semi-final & an Ulster Final. I am named captain for my club team and currently the college team. I thoroughly enjoy my sport and I aim to achieve many other things throughout my career. No matter what jersey I have on, I hope to achieve as much as possible with that crest. While being captain of my club, I’ve been able to help lead my team to a Division 1 promotion. GAA is my biggest passion and I genuinely believe I wouldn’t be where I am or who am I without the sport, it helped change my work ethic not only in sports but in my everyday life. It taught me about the highs and lows of life and how if you want something you have to learn how to work for it. Everything that has come my way hasn’t been by luck, it’s because of hard work. For me it is like a drug, you become addicted to it and want to achieve the highest goal possible. I still have a lot to learn but that’s what I’m excited about. For me, learning is the fun part.

What is the best thing about sports and sports facilities at ATU Sligo? 

The best thing about the sporting facilities is having them close by and being able to use them whenever it is necessary. There are great facilities for all sports, Basketball, rugby, GAA, etc. Having a good place to train for your sport is crucial to help improve in your field.

How has the sports scholarship benefited you? What are its advantages of it? 

Having this sports scholarship is beneficial. It helps to be able to have access to the gym when I need it for the programs that I am given to do. Not having to worry about the stress of the financial cost of keeping up with training and college work all at the one time, really helps. This gives me more time to concentrate on my education.

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