Sinead Malaniff – BBs (Hons) in Business

Name: Sinead Malaniff 

School: Colaiste Magh Éne, Bundoran  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choose your course: 

I am a final year student at ATU Sligo, I’ve made some lifelong friends. I’ve really enjoyed my time in ATU Sligo. I suppose the reason I decided to choose the bachelor of business ab-initio course was because, throughout secondary school, business was one of my favourite subjects, I understood it. It just came naturally to me. I knew my future was in the business world, I just didn’t know which part- finance, HR, Marketing. Therefore this course was the right fit for me. I got to do all of them and find out for myself which aspect best suited me. 

Tell us why you chose ATU Sligo: 

I chose ATU Sligo because it is close to home, it had the course I was interested in and I knew from past pupils it’s a great college with a great student life.  

What specifically about the course do you particularly enjoy: 

I enjoyed the work experience in third year, it gave me an insight into the real world. I also enjoy the atmosphere in the classroom, everyone is respectful of other opinions, you get the opportunity to learn from others and hear about other people’s experiences. 

What is the best thing about your course that you think new applicants should know: 

You learn how to build a website- very interesting and will be a good experience in the future. You are given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the real business environment via work placement  You have options- management, Marketing, Finance, and to do a language or not .

If you were speaking with a first-year student about to start your course, what advice/information would you give them: 

  • To enjoy their time in ATU Sligo because it goes so fast. Focus on the third and fourth years. 
  • Join clubs and societies 
  • Enjoy the social life but put in the work too!! 

If you are involved in sports, volunteering, working or have other passions you pursue outside of your academic life, can you tell us about that?  Especially mention any Teams, Clubs or Awards. 

I work in a shop at home to make money to pay for my college experience, sometimes it is difficult to manage my time, but I enjoy getting out and talking to the customers. I was also involved in the college ladies’ rugby club in my first and second year. It was a lot of fun. I met other girls in different years and courses. We got along so well. It was a great way to meet new people and socialise with others. It wasn’t so much about the sport, it was about the craic with the girls at the matches and the sessions after. I won ladies rugby player of the year in the first year, we had a great night at the award ceremony. In my second year, I was the secretary of the team as well as a player. I gave it up after I got a knee injury, I wish I went back in the third year when it was better, but my workload was too much and I was leaving for placement in the second semester.

What are your plans after ATU Sligo and any long term goals you are aiming for: 

After college, I want to get a graduate visa to work in America. After my visa expires, I want to move back to Ireland and get a good job in a multinational company. 

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