1. First numbered Item

    • one thing
    • two things
    • three things
  2. Second numbered Item

    • one thing
    • two things
    • Three things
  1. Once the application form is complete, please print and sign the cover letter and submit along with the requested documentary evidence. Supporting documents can be submitted by one of the following methods.
    • Posted to the Access Office, IT Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo
    • Manually placed in the secure box at reception, clearly marked SAF Applications
    • By email to AssistantFund.Student@nullitsligo.ie
  2. An online application alone is not a complete application and will not be processed. Contact will not be
    made until the cover letter and requested documentation is received.
  3. You will then be queued for assessment. First applications to complete step 3, are first assessed and first
    awarded funding.
  4. Assessment meetings are held the end of each month by an assessment committee.