IT Services

About IT Services

IT Services maintain, develop and research information communications technologies and facilities across campus.
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Student Helpdesk

To report a technical issue to the IT Services team, click on the following link.
Report a technical issue


For more information on frequently asked questions:
How can I get help?
How do I log on to the IT network?
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IT Policies & Guidelines

For more on acceptable usage and information security policies
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Wifi Eduroam

eduroam is a service that allows roaming research and educational users to more easily obtain wireless network access at participating sites.
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PCounter is the campus wide pay for printing & photocopying system for students
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Access to Telephony and networking, Virtual computing, Office 365 services and Student offers.
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Online/Digital Learning

Access to Adobe, Panopto and Moodle
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Management Information Systems

IT Sligo is part of EduCampus, the national management information systems programme for the Institute of Technology sector.
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