The Research Office at IT Sligo attracts students from across the globe. We are committed to providing you with the support you require to engage in world-class research.

Research at IT Sligo has an important role in driving economic and social development and breakthroughs in the North West of Ireland.

Relevant and impactful Research, Innovation and Engagement is a key element of this.

We have a vibrant and productive research community of world-class academics, active in the undergraduate, postgraduate and professional research spheres.

IT Sligo’s mission is to improve the world today and for future generations through outstanding research.

3 Strategic Research Centres

Explore PEM, the Precision Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Centre, CRiSP, the Centre for Research in Social Professions and CERIS, the Centre for Environmental Research Innovation and Sustainability

5 Recognised Research Groups

1. Nanotechnology & Bioengineering Research Group (Nano-Bio) test 2. Mobilities Research Group (MRG) 3. Mathematical Modelling Research Group (MMRG) 4. Clinical Health & Nutrition Centre (CHANCE) 5.Cellular Health & Toxicology Research Group (CHAT)

ESAI Postgraduate Researcher of the Year 2020

IT Sligo PhD researcher Seán O’Connor has received the ESAI Award 2020” on his research in the Renewable Engine Project working with the industry partner, Organic Power

MOCHAS Postgraduate Research Opportunities 2022

For a full listing on the MOCHAS research opportunites for 2022 please click on the link below. 

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