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Lighting Upgrade – Théa Pharma –Co. Mayo

Théa Pharma is the Irish subsidiary of Laboratoires Théa, Europe’s leading, pioneering and innovative Eye Health brand founded in 1994 by Henri Chibret. The Chibret family has been dedicated to Ophthalmology for more than 150 years.  Théa Pharma set up in Ireland in 2018 and has become active in the eye care market working with Ophthalmology, Pharmacists and Consumers all around the country.

Théa Pharma has carried out a high-quality building upgrade for their new office and administration centre in Castlebar.  Atlantic Technological University Contract Research Unit (ATU CRU) met with Théa to review technology options for the building systems.  The agreed principle is to minimise the carbon footprint of the building through a range of measures including:

  • Fabric upgrades (Insulation, glazing)
  • LED lighting
  • Efficient heating systems and controls

Théa Pharma had already initiated the fabric upgrades, so the Lower Carbon Lower Cost initiative supported the smart electric heaters and LED lighting for the building.  ATU CRU carried out an analysis which indicated these upgrades alone would achieve a potential reduction of over 60% of total electricity use in the business. Théa Pharma has also noted the high quality of the internal lighting and comfort in the business.

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