Craft Apprentice Examinations

Craft Apprenticeship Exams:

The Term 1 exams will take place in December. Further information of exact dates and times will be available here closer to the time after SOLAS release the examination dates.

Please note the below for your examinations;

  • Statistical books will be provided where necessary. You will not be allowed to bring your own copy.
  • Please be aware of which group you are in (A,B, C, D, E etc.) as you will be asked to sign in under each group.
  • You must adhere to ATU Sligo exam regulations. Please see the link below for the Exam Regulations as well as other relevant policies.
  • No phones are permitted into any exam.
  • You may not leave your exam during the first hour.
  • Follow instruction from Invigilators at all times.


Exam Regulations and Policies

Can I avail of a Special Accommodation for my examination?

If you require a special accommodation for your exam such as a separate venue, a scribe or a reader then please contact our learning support department who will assess you. Please note it is your responsibility to register with this office every time you begin a term here.

Please contact the learning support department as soon as possible as we may not be able to cater for your accommodation at short notice.


How do I receive my Examination Results?

Exam results are issued by SOLAS via a letter to your registered address. Please note that the ATU Sligo Examinations Office do not issue any results.

One reason you may not receive your results is due to unpaid fees. If this is the case, you can pay your fee on the self-service banner and email who will then contact SOLAS for release of the results. Please do not send any cash/cheques/postal order to the Examination Office.


How do I apply for a Deferral or Special Consideration?

If you are unable to sit the exam due to illness, bereavement etc. you can apply for a deferral. Please see the below link for the deferral procedure and deferral form.

If your performance during the exam was impacted by recent illness, bereavement etc. you can apply for a special consideration. Please see the link below for the special consideration policy and form.

Please note that if you do not turn up to your exam it is counted as an attempt.

Exam Regulations and Policies

Can I appeal my examination result?

A student may request a recheck and then a review and appeal of their examination results after the results have been issued. You are advised to read the procedure carefully before you apply.

You can apply for an appeal by filling in the online form which is available at the link below. Please note that the SOLAS exam procedures are listed under PROCEDURES PERTAINING TO SOLAS CRAFT APPRENTICES ATTENDING ATU SLIGO on the link below.

Exam Regulations and Policies

The form for appeals can be accessed here.

For any further information on appeals please contact

How do I register to repeat an examination(s)?

If you fail your exam and wish to register to repeat, email with the following:

  • Your Name and Student Number
  • Your apprenticeship craft (Electrical, Carpentry, Toolmaking)
  • The subject you are looking to repeat and what phase you are
  • Your most recent SOLAS results letter

After you are registered to your exam, an exam fee of 100 euro per examination session will be added to your account. Once the timetable is sent to us by SOLAS, we will email you the examination timetable which is normally two weeks before the examination. Please note if you do not turn up to your exam after registering to repeat it then it is counted as an attempt.

Deadlines for registering to repeat your exam(s) are:

  • 27th October for Term 1 (December) examinations
  • 1st February for Term 2 (March) examinations
  • 30th April for Term 3 (June) examinations

Please note these dates are fixed and we cannot accept any registrations after this date.


How many attempts do I have to sit my exam?

You will have 3 attempts to pass each exam.


If you have any further information then please contact