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Faculty of Science
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Adam McDonnell Chemical Profiling of Commercially Relevant Irish Seaweed - EPICENTRE Research Masters N/A
Aislinn White Development of a novel multi-analyte lateral flow immunoassay for kidney markers PhD N/A
Anita Aranyos Characterisation and metabolite enrichment of microalgal micro- and nanovesicles Research Masters N/A
Ashling Granahan (Graduated ) Investigating the role of serine proteases in basidiomycete fruiting body development and nutrient acquisition from humic-rich environments. PhD N/ACERIS
Bridget Brennan "An Analysis of the medieval cemetery at Kilteasheen, County Roscommon AD600 to AD1400" Research Masters N/A
Caroline Bradshaw An investigation into the breastfeeding practices in the North West of Ireland: the perceived facilitators and barriers Research Masters N/A
Carolyn Scott Evaluation of decision-making factors to facilitate effective safety behaviour fo Irish Farmers Research Masters N/A
Christopher Golden Investigation of the therapeutic potential of secondary metabolites produced by Rasamsonia emersonii Research Masters N/ACERIS
Claire Smyth To investigate the potential effectiveness of mirror-aided cross-education using the innovative "Mirror Strengthing Device" compared to mirror therapy alone in poststroke upper limb recovery PhD N/ACERIS CHANCE
Connell Boal The Development of novel technology to combat antibiotic resistance in medical application and in the environment Research Masters N/ACERIS CHANCE CRISP
Darren Garland Lough Arrow - Conservation Status Assessment and Collaborative Actions for the Natura Network PhD N/ACERIS CHANCE CRISP CERIS
David Fierli Purification of microalgal micro- and nanovesicles by tangential flow filtration Research Masters N/A
Eimear Cronin The effects of pilates training on gait and functional outcomes in chronic stroke patients Research Masters N/ACHANCE
Eithne Davis The Prevention, Control and Eradication of Invasive Species PhD N/ACHANCE CERIS
Elaine Meade Animal to human disease: a public health safety issue, an investigation into the zoonotic transmission of infectious pathogenic microbial species. PhD N/A
Elana Maria Barone Bioactivity of microalgal micro- and nanovesicles purified by tangential flow filtration Research Masters N/A
Eoghan Feane The Development of a Method for the Detection of Anthelmintics in Tissue by UPLC-MSMS Research Masters N/A
Helen Herbert Homeostasis Preservation in Human Cell Lines with Microalgae PhD N/ACERIS
Helen Moran Assessment of Status of an Invasive Aquatic Weed, Lagarosiphon major, in Lough Corrib Using New Technologies PhD N/ACERIS CERIS
Henry Koehler Molecular ecology of sand-dwelling dinoflagellates in northwest Ireland PhD N/A
Hilary McDonagh Modifying subconscious tongue Movements to improve fluency in Adults with Developmental Stutter: A pilot randomised feasibility study. PhD N/ACHANCE
Irthasa Aazem Development of Supercapacitor-Triboelectric Nanogenerators (SC-TENGs) for Wearable Electronics Research Masters N/A
James Blee Using food product waste streams as a sustainable source of natural components capable of enhancing the efficacy of antibiotics against resistant bacteria PhD N/A
Jamie Grant Development of Nano-fibrous Chitosan and Graphene Composites for Bio-Medical Applications PhD N/ANano-Bio
Janis-Marie Kelly Developing mitochondrial biomarkers for natural sunlight damage to human skin PhD N/A
Julia Montelin Powers Developing a Mitochondrial DNA Platform for Prognostic Skin Cancer Biomarkers PhD N/A
Keerthi Nair Development of Novel Materials for electrocatalysis in wastewater treatment and its commercialization PhD N/A
Keith Dunne A Genomic Approcah to understanding & improving Mushroom Compost Utilisation PhD N/ACERIS
Kris O'Dowd The optimisation of the photo-Fenton Process for the removal of antimicrobial organisms from drinking water at neutral pH PhD N/ACERIS Nano-Bio
Lorraine Archer (Graduated ) Antioxidants and fatty acids from algae PhD N/A
Lorraine Archer Physiology and Molecular Biology of Microalgae for the Biorefining of Valuable Metabolites (METALGAE). PhD N/A
Louise Duignan Sustainable management of priority farmland habitats on the Aran Islands. PhD N/A
Luke Slaughter Culture Process and Harvesting Optimisation of M. hyopneumoniae. PhD N/A
Mahrokh Jamshidvand Use of Protein Hydrolysates to Generate High Protein Foods Acceptable by Older Adults PhD N/A
Marcus Colon Developing mitonchondrial markers for athletic performance over-training and recovery regimes PhD N/A
Mathew Snehamol Developing bandgap tunable photocatalysts for Energy Applications PhD N/APEM
Micheal O'Cearbhallain Multi-elemental analysis of soil samples from a Medieval site in Co. Roscommon Research Masters N/A
Naveen Kumar Fungal biodegradation of plastics and biodegradable plastics PhD N/A
Niamh O'Callaghan Taking Back Control”: An investigation into the current dietary patterns of Irish Cancer Survivors and their relationship with food and nutrition Research Masters N/A
Nishanth Thomas Development of Functional Materials for Photo-Fenton and Electrocatalysis PhD N/APEM
Pamela Banaszczyk Serum Formulation Optimisation for the culturing of M. hyo PhD N/A
Parnia Forouzandeh 2D nanomaterials for efficient asymmetric supercapacitors PhD N/APEM
Patricia Regan Towards diagnostic and theranostic glycosylation biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease Research Masters N/A
Paul Higgins Reinstating the importance of medical foods: a viable pathway to discovering novel drug therapies against the progression of Alzheimer’s disease PhD N/A
Peter Lynch Tongue Stimulation for Motor Recovery in Upper/Lower limbs in chronic stroke PhD N/ACHANCE
Peter O'Hara Investigating the efficacy of native Irish seaweed species as a sustainable source of novel anti-methanogenic compounds Research Masters N/A
Philip Lindey Fine art Material Research and Oil Paint Technology. A working model of a painting Practice Strategies for Using oil paint without Volatile solvents in Studio Practice PhD N/A
Poppy Overy Investigating ecosystem services and relationship with results-based agri-environment approaches in freshwater pearl mussel catchments Research Masters N/A
Rachel Parkes Biorefining of high value compounds from Irish native microalgae PhD N/A
Ruth Hegarty Moving IT Sligo Towards A World Class Green Campus – Analysis of Potential Value and How It Could Be Achieved PhD N/A
Ruth Kavanagh To evaluate the impact of a 6-week community-based ‘Fit Farmers’ lifestyle education and physical activity programme on dietary intake and the physical, cardiovascular and metabolic health of farmers living in Ireland Research Masters N/A
Ryan McGowan Investigating a novel role for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in Pancreatic Cancer pathogenesis. PhD N/A
Ryan Walden Development of Supercapacitor-Triboelectric Nanogenerators (SC-TENGs) for Wearable Technology. PhD N/ANano-Bio
Saoirse Dervin Graphene based van der Waals heterostructures for environmental applications. PhD N/A
Sarah Fitzpatrick (Graduated ) Methodologies to determine the germicidal efficacy of teat disinfectant products, as influenced by their active ingredients and application procedure Research Masters N/A
Sarah Ruas Enhancing biodiversity and the provisioning of ecosystem services through connectivity at the landscape scale. Research Masters N/A
Sean Doyle Magnetic Nanoparticle Photo/Sano Sensitizer Conjugates for the Disinfection and Pharmaceutical Contaminant Degradation of Drinking Water Research Masters N/A
Sean Flannery An investigation of physical activity levels and exercise, and how to identify 'burnout' in youths and adolescents in Ireland Research Masters N/ACHANCE
Sean O’Connor Anaerobic digestion of a variety of farm wastes as a small scale off-grid renewable energy& resource recovery programme PhD N/A
Shane Gallagher An investigation of compression sleeve and kinesiology taping on upper limb lymphoedema post breast cancer. A pilot randomised controlled trial PhD N/ACHANCE
Shelley Fox Circular eating: Revalorisation of food waste for the production of healthy, nutritionally-dense and sensory-acceptable food products PhD N/A
Stefanie White-Stott Protecting and promoting archaeological sites: Best practice for sustainable tourism along the Wild Atlantic Way Research Masters N/A
Stephen Doak An Investigation into the dietary intake and associated determinants in third level students in Ireland Research Masters N/A
Stephen McGirr The Biological Oceanography of Azadinium Research Masters N/A
Stuart Rathbone Signal Defensible Guard Houses in Connacht PhD N/A
Syam Kumar Search for novel photovoltaics; Theroitical investigation of the structural, electronic & dielectric properties of alkali-metal based bismuth ternary chalcogenides PhD N/A
Tanya Mehra Individual biomarkers of iodine status- from population studies to personalised assessment PhD N/A
Tommy Conlon Refining of high-value biocommodities from marine microalgae Research Masters N/ACERIS
Verena Berard Does transitioning from prescription-based to results-based agri-environmental schemes motivate and influence hill farmers’ perspectives of ecosystem services and biodiversity-conservation: A case study of the European Innovation Partnership projects for endangered species in the Connemara uplands and Slieve Aughty Mountains SPA PhD N/A
Faculty of Engineering and Design
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Abbas Hesabi Hesari Modelling and Control of a Light Electric Vehicle for Zero Emission Mobility as a Service Research Masters N/A
Albert Weinert Sensorization of Injection Mould Tools created by Additive Manufacturing PhD N/APEM
Amit Goswami Use of surface coatings in phase-change enhancement PhD N/APEM PEM
Arghadyuti Banerjee Tracking dynamic time-dependent groundwater vulnerability using satellite scatterometer observations, lowcost sensing technologies and land-use stochastic models PhD N/APEM PEM PEM
Bahia El Refai The design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS) Research Masters N/A
Barron Cawley An investigatin into Remote Proctoring (Invigilation) to Evaluate Emerging Technologies and Develop Best Practices for Facilitating Online Exams Research Masters N/A
Bonnie Chan Development of an automated ergonomics detection and alert system Research Masters N/APEM
Faisal Khan Pathan Assisted Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research Masters N/A
Faizan Munawar A Machine Learning Approach to Complications Identification and Risk Stratification System for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Research Masters N/A
Fergal Gallagher An atlas of finite group algebras with applications for coding theory PhD N/A
Ferghus Downes Mathematical Modelling of the Bovine Reproductive Cycle PhD N/APEM
Foram Dave Investigate Optimal Laser Parameters for the Laser Transmission Welding of Semi-crystalline Polymers & their Composites PhD N/APEM PEM
Glenn Gordan Development of Sustainable Optimisation Indicators for Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plants PhD N/A
Hamail Ayaz Deep Learning for early diagnosis and classification of Tumors from radiographic images PhD N/APEM
Ken Russell Optimisation of anchoring system design for floating wind technologies for the metocean and geotechnical conditions at the AMETS Testing Site Research Masters N/A
Kevin Payton Can chatbots be effective in improving communication between students and staff in tertiary education Research Masters N/A
Kieran Hughes Algebraic Coding Theory and Medical Imaging PhD N/A
Mandana Kariminejad Wireless sensing for prediction and control of part quality in the injection molding PhD N/APEM
Mohamed Awad Minimizing energy utiliation for batch production through multivariante scheduling optimisation PhD N/APEM PEM
Mohammadreza Kadivar Additive Manufacture of Enhanced Heat Transfer Surfaces (ADMEHTS) PhD N/APEM PEM PEM
Nicola Brusa Design and analyses of Geosynthetic Reinforced soil – Integral Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS) structures within a Eurocode and reliability-based design framework Research Masters N/A
Nimra Munir In-line monitoring of Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) process to predict the final properties of polymer-drug marix PhD N/APEM
Padraig Varley Vibration analysis of bone using Experimental Modal Analysis and Finite Element Analysis PhD N/A
Priyanka Ganguly (Graduated ) Ternary chalcogenides and its composites with titanium dioxide for photocatalytic applications. PhD N/APEM
Qusai Ibrahim Multi-scale Simulation for Contaminant Mobilization in Organic Enriched Water Infiltration Process PhD N/A
Saritha Unnikrishnan Predictive Modelling of Droplet Characteristics using Machine Learning for Emulsion Process Optimisation PhD N/APEM
Sean McGowan Power quality improvement system of renewable energy generation and consumptio Research Masters N/A
Sedighed Khademi Structures for Optimal Cooling in Additive Manufactured Injection Moulds Research Masters N/A
Sinead O'Donnell Carey Examining Social Historiography and the Treatment of Noncompliant Individuals Latent in Irish Mental Healthcare Spaces and Places Through Digital Performative Interventions PhD N/A
Usaid Azhara Bio-inspired supramolecular polymers for multifunctional coatings PhD N/APEM
Zainab Saleem Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Cobot Operation in Dynamic Environments Research Masters N/A
Faculty of Business & Social Sciences
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Aaron Dolan The Determination of how to build a Collaborative Regional Destination Brand in the Northwest of Ireland Research Masters N/A
Andrew Higgins Development of a collaboration framework as a tool for destination marketing PhD N/A
Anita Conefrey Assess the carbon footprint of Irish Tourism and developing a stakeholder based decarbonising toolkit Research Masters N/A
Aoife Gallagher Supporting Bereaved Children in Primary School and Early Years Services: policy, practice and lived experiences PhD N/A
Bridget Reape Profiling Inbound Tourists to Ireland using Social Media Research Masters N/A
Chloe Cox Higher Education for All - Provision of full-time online education to maximise access, participation and success for students who cannot attend on campus PhD N/A
Claire Matthews Intergenerational drama group: An evaluation of the impact this programme has on the occupational participation of residents in a nursing home. Research Masters N/A
Colette Saunders Trade Unionisation of Irelands Early Childhood Care and Education Workforce Research Masters N/ACRISP
Colm Barcoe Sustainable Island Tourism Destination Management: Utilising the European tourism indicator system  Research Masters N/A
Debbie Woodward Can Social Robots help Primary School teachers in Ireland? Research Masters N/A
Domhnall Melly Tourists as vectors of potential Biosecurity threats in Ireland. PhD N/A
Fiona McKenna Sustainable Tourism Destination Management along the Wild Atlantic Way: Utilising the European tourism indicator  Research Masters N/A
Helen Wehrheim Exploring attitudes and approaches to sustainable coastal adventure tourism Research Masters N/A
Jacqueline Connolly To Explore the esistential Threat from Artificial Intellignece and determine whether it will be facilitated by Humanity itself Research Masters N/A
James McCauley Irish Country Pubs as perceived and experienced through the lens of Irish Publicans (1945-2015). An Oral History PhD N/A
Kelley Hester An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Online Support regarding Student’s Mental Health and Well-being. Research Masters N/A
Lillian Ann Byrne Social Care placements and the Formation of Professional Social Care Practioners. PhD N/A
Louise Kearins Can a unified strategic approach to MOOC planning globally be created while bolstering flexible learning opportunities for all? Research Masters N/A
Marianne O’Kane Boal Children, Food and Friendship – Exploring the Links Research Masters N/A
Olivia Byrne Is a Grassroot Environmental Governance Approach a Feasible Alternative to Current Government Environmental Policy in a Pending Anthropocene Epoch Research Masters N/A
Ruth Hegarty The importance of a Robust and Transparent Framework in Determining the Quality of Corporate Sustainability Reporting PhD N/A
Sarah Murphy Optimising integrated care for older people Research Masters N/A
Zoë Dunne User Created Destination Content; A Typology of Tourism Content Creators PhD N/A
Department of Business
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Computing & Electronic Engineering
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Social Sciences
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Life Sciences
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Civil Engineering & Construction
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Environmental Science
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Yeats Academy of Arts, Design & Architecture
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Mechatronic Engineering
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Health & Nutritional Sciences
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Online Development
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of ODL
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of IT Services
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Research, Innovation & Engagement
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Post Graduates Research
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Research
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG
Department of Research, Innovation and Engagement
Student Name Project TitleCourse/Programme SRC/RRG