Green Campus Team

The Green Campus Programme is coordinated by the Green Campus team - ATU Sligo Sustainability Officer and a number of key staff. 

They support the Green Campus Student Committee, work with the ATU Sligo Student Union and help direct activities for senior management. 

We organise events, workshops and talks to help raise the awareness of Green Campus and ensures our institute continues on its transformation to a more sustainable education facility. Read more about Green Campus Guides and Initiatives.

Meet the Green Campus Team

  Fiona Britton

  ATU Sligo Sustainability Officer

  Chair of GC Committee

Prof. Frances Lucy

Head of Department of Environmental Science

Co-Chair of GC Committee

Declan Feeney

Lecturer in Environmental Science and Sustainability

Co-Chair of GC Committee

The Green Campus Team, Fiona Britton, Professor Frances Lucy and Declan Feeney at IT Sligo

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